About Me

I grew up on a West Texas cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere. Our double-wide trailer house sat on thousands of acres and when I looked out my bedroom window, I could see nothing but blue skies and cattle. My dad was a ranch foreman, a rough and stern cowboy with hands like leather from all the hard work. He also had a creative side; a closet photographer with a Pentax 35mm camera. I still have the box full of photographs that he created that document my entire childhood.

I would lie awake at night listening to the howls of the coyotes. I imagined a different world, one far away from hauling hay and working cattle. I dreamt of exotic places where the ocean meets the sky. When I was eight years old, Santa brought me a new way to view the world; a long and skinny Kodak 110 camera. I remember that year of taking pictures. I would wrap the film carefully, send it off for development, and then I would wait. When my expected prints arrived, I would walk the half-mile on the gravel road to the mailbox to receive the memories I had captured, just like my dad. I was so proud of those 4x6 prints!

Some may say I lived a different kind of childhood. The vast open spaces of a cowboy culture was not the norm. But these open spaces developed my sense of design. Mostly, I was lucky enough to have a dad that saw things differently allowing me into a creative world I love. And I learned that looking at pictures made me smile.

Today, I am inspired by the same exotic places that were once only a dream. I love to travel and am always rejuvenated by the ocean and sunshine. I'm a mom to two amazing kids, a boy and a girl. They are my little muses. Let me know how I can help document the chapters of your life. It's guaranteed that pictures make you smile.